Is It Normal For A 41 Year Old Man To Be Attracted To A 25 Year Old Woman?

I got 1 reply and she yelled at me “How dare you write me, it is clear we have nothing in common, don;t ever waste me time again.”, yikes, dodged a bullet on that one for sure. This is actually refreshing to hear. I often think men want children especially as they get older. I don’t have children and some men find that strange as if I lack some kind of emotion or something or I’m weird because that means I don’t have any motherly feelings.

It happens, more than you think. If you are 300lbs and won’t date someone else bc they are heavy, that’s a problem! Not just weight but common grounds, I like being active.

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If we don’t we haven’t been living. And girlfriend, you don’t have to be some shiny outgoing model-type. You Katy have to be ‘you’ – your best you.

The perfect partner: how age affects what men and women find attractive

By clicking Submit you agree to Zoosk’s terms of use and privacy policy. And men who message women 10+ years younger have a slight disadvantage. When it comes to messaging, men who like older woman have a slight advantage. The older men get, the younger the women they match with are. Though men are often attracted to women up to 10 years younger than them, the women they match with tend to be only 1 to 3 years younger.

This is what makes life and love interesting. If you’re a 40-year-old woman, you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of dating again. While you want to find love, dating can be nerve-wracking and it’s a different world today. It might not suit your level of comfort, but let’s be honest, most of the things we want in life require us to step outside our comfort zone. I was with a 35-year-old woman when I was 20. As a younger guy, I used to flirt with my mom’s friends.

(Oh I know…I SAID it!!! Take Care!) Just like when the woman would like to take care of the man, maybe in different ways. She invites him over and cooks dinner. We wouldn’t say that meant that it’s expected she must ALWAYS do the cooking. I don’t see how anyone can come to this site and be so bitter as a guy.

I bet you didn’t see that coming. The problem is I haven’t had a date since and I’m now 46. I have a decent if not high paying job and own a really nice home, I have a college degree but I simply hate asking women out.

Then you get dum ped like yesterday s news. I am told I’m handson by many women who I know and don’t with out asking. They give me a funny look when I tell them I am normal looking because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True and it takes time, discerning the trust and honesty and consistence of the potential attachment. People need to cool it and get to know each other. You need a year or two after the divorce to get head straight .

I’m a 53 yr old active man that needs to make sure a gym is part of my life because I don’t want to be out of shape at 65 or older. My problem is finding a woman over 40 that is physically fit and has been for a while. Someone who will continue to keep fit. I feel like my time is past and there is really no reason to continue. A lot of women are Money orientated beyond hope.

I have come to realize that most of the people I have known are assholes. Love is nothing if there is no sacrifice. What is love if there isn’t the pain in your heart at seeing the object of your love lacking something? So you do what you can because they are more important to you than whatever it was you gave up. I’m not talking about codependency. There is a grey area, but I’m talking about not wanting to get married again.

That way I won’t feel “beholden” and think he might want something later in exchange for meal. Bobbi, you need to check yourself on your one sided viewpoint. If you are truly open minded, you would see that there is a point here. Men have evolved, they still love women as nature intended. Women need the equality they deserve and honestly, it is attractive to meet a strong woman who wants that. Hell or just makes a family stronger!

Been on coffee dates but just can’t find someone compatible. He’s looking for no relationship. Thanks for your wise insights, Mike.

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